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Public opinion  coheres the desires, wants, and thinking of the majority; it is the collective opinion of the people of a society or state on an issue or problem.
It is also  the popular, general or majority view on a particular public issuePeople who engage in this are called corps d’elite. This is irrespective of their professional fields, all qualified citizens are required to participate in a state where there’s  freedom of expression, but limited to libel and slander. 

The term public opinion was derived from the French “opinion publique” which was first used in 1588 by Michel de Montaigne. This concept betides  through the process of urbanization and other political and social forces. For the first time, it became important what people thought, as forms of political contention changed.The emergence of public opinion as a significant force in the political realm can be dated to the late 17th century. However, opinion had been regarded as having singular importance since far earlier. William Shakespeare called public opinion the ‘mistress of success’ and Blaise Pascal thought it was ‘the queen of the world
®️MERITSIt is very essential because * It guilds government in the formulation of favorable policies
*It helps the government to know the  populace wants as well as how they feel
* It helps the government to take note of wrongs in the administration and amend
*  It serves as watchdog to the government

®️DEMERITS* It may be used to miss inform the government through the influence of opposition party to the one in power 
*Sometimes it’s out of few people’s idea on a selfish interest that may even be cold -comfort for the general public
* It is difficult to measure since it is easily manipulated
* It can be high jacked by politicians 

®️PROBLEMS AFFECTING PUBLIC OPINION* Illiteracy*Unreliable technology*Naivety about the  rule of law* phobia in interview
. hence public opinion is dynamic


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