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Samsung sues its brand ambassador for using an iPhone on TV

Samsung is suing one of its brand ambassadors after she was caught on TV using an iPhone X.

Usually, brands pay celebrities a huge amount of money to promote their brands and front only their brands in public. Samsung has paid celebrities like musician Adam Levine and tennis star David Ferrer to use Samsung smartphones. But, both of those celebrities have been caught using iPhones instead. Now, Samsung is done letting it slide.

Ksenia Sobchak – who is a Russian journalist, politician, and reality TV star – is the ambassador for Samsung in Russia. She is paid to exclusively use Samsung electronics in public but she was recently captured on a live television stint using an iPhone.

Sobchak, who is reportedly the “goddaughter” of Russian President Vladimir Putin, tried her best by using her fingers to hide the Apple logo on the iPhone. She also tried using a piece of paper to hide it on the table. But she wasn’t very successful.

Sobchak has apparently been caught using an iPhone in public on multiple previous occasions.

Samsung is now suing her to the tune of 108 million Russian rubles (~$1.6 million), The Mirror reports.


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