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Stylist narrates how his team was harassed by Lagos louts and brutalized by police

Movie makers have long been complaining about harassment from Lagos louts, popularly known as agbero. Now stylists are feeling the pinch, but not only from the louts but also from policemen.


A hair stylist has narrated how his team was harassed by some agbero along the Lekki Epe Expressway, close to Oriental hotel, as they tried having a photoshoot.

Just as soon as they reached an agreement with the louts, some police officers came to the scene and harassed them for taking photos. He said the officers got physical with them and they ended up at the police station.

He has now shared his story to warn fellow stylists of the police brutality that’s likely to befall them in a similar situation.

He wrote:

Swipe to see such brutality
First of all I want to say that as creatives, before we engage in any photo shoot that is outdoor in Lagos or any part of Nigeria, let’s make sure we have adequate security and permission, because there’s an adage that “when you are having your bath outside and you used your wrapper to cover people from seeing your nakedness, and a mad man comes and drag that rapper and starts running, if you chase that mad man, it is said that both of you are mad, the best thing is to leave him and sort out yourself since you ain’t mad”
So all I’m saying in essence is even tho we say this country is messed up, we as citizens ain’t even given freedom of taking pictures anywhere, let’s also try to sort ourselves,
So today we was shooting at Lekki epe express way, at the pedestrian bridge close to oriental hotel, long story short, touts came to harass which is expected on reaching an agreement with them, two police men came, and we was even happy that police would aid us only for them to start saying it’s illegal to shoot there like I don’t get it, then one of them started to drag @adukebey__ hands and actually brutalized her hands, then they tried taking @kosolonwudinjor camera on him trying to save the camera the police man raised his gun at him and he tried to defend himself by pushing the gun to the police man with the tip facing the ground while they was hitting him and they finally overpowered him and took him off, the rest of the rubbish was partly sorted at the police station, like I’m really disgusted at these people because of how uncivilized and their state of illiteracy are still allowed to roam around and deal with civilians, y’all should be careful, we thank God today no life was lost
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